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Minnesota Association of Nurse Anesthetists

2024 Fall Conference -
Saturday, September 21, 2024
Metro State University, St. Paul

Join your colleagues for a day of education and networking
at Metro State University!

Poster Showcase Information

MANA is proud to support our nurse anesthesia professionals by providing this opportunity to showcase their scholarly work to peers!

The Poster Showcase will be presented at the 2024 MANA Fall Conference at Metro State University.

This opportunity is available to both CRNAs and SRNAs.  Submission Deadline:  June 28, 2024

Submit an application

Current SRNAs and CRNAs are invited to submit an application  to have a Poster Display at the MANA Fall Education Conference on September 21, 2024.

What is a Poster Display?
SRNAs and CRNAs summarize their scholarly work on a laminated poster.

  • Posters should be large enough to clearly show project information (up to 4' x 8'), one-sided, and printed in color.
  • Poster project materials must abide by copyright laws and be the presenter's own original work.
    • Credit may be shared if more than one author is working on the topic.
  • Make wording easy to read at a distance.  Use black text on a white background.
  • Talk with conference attendees and explain the topic and outcomes.  Prepare and memorize a short script if that would be helpful.
What needs to be done to have a Poster Display?
  • Talk with your academic advisor (if applicable) to confirm your project is far enough along.
  • Fill out an application and wait for an email saying your application has been accepted.
  • Use the guidelines above to plan your poster.  Be sure to check in with your advisor during the creation process (if applicable.)
  • Have your poster printed and laminated.
  • Bring your poster to the Fall Conference.

Poster Display

Current SRNAs are invited to submit an application  to give an Oral Podium Presentation at the MANA Fall Education Conference on September 21, 2024.

What is an Oral Podium Presentation?
SRNA students summarize their current scholarly work in a 20-minute verbal presentation in a session room to conference attendees.

Who would be a good candidate to give an Oral Presentation?

  • Students who have complicated topics that are not easily summarized on a poster alone.
  • Students who wish to practice their presentation skills in front of a group.
  • Students who wish to share information about their topic with the entire group of conference attendees at once.

What do I need to do to be considered for an Oral Podium Presentation?
  • Submit an application to give an Oral Podium Presentation.  Look for confirmation in your email Inbox.
  • Prepare a 20-minute spoken presentation.  Rehearse with classmates and your academic advisor.

Oral Podium Presentation


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Poster Presentations

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Post-Conference Update

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